DataRetrieval.jl Documentation


DataRetrieval.jl is a Julia package for retrieving data USGS water data and is based off of the popular R package of the same name. Both R and Python versions of data retrieval are available: R, Python. Development of the package currently takes place on GitLab, in the DataRetrieval.jl repository.


User Installation

Currently only installation from the git repository is supported. To install the package, you can use the Pkg REPL (hitting ] from the Julia REPL):

pkg> add

This is equivalent to the following code using the Julia REPL:

> using Pkg
> Pkg.add(

Developer Installation

When developing in Julia, we recommend using an environment as well as the Revise package so that you do not need to keep track of individual dependencies or re-compile the package every time you make a change. Development takes place using git for version control. A fork and clone workflow is recommended, where a developer first creates a "fork" of the repository, and then "clones" that fork to work locally on an individual feature branch.

Once you have a local clone of the repository, from within that repository and in the Pkg REPL, the following commands should create a working environment (taken from the Pkg.jl documentation):

pkg> activate .
(DataRetrieval) pkg> instantiate

To use Revise to help streamline development and avoid having to re-compile the package every time you make a modification, you should begin your Julia sessions with the following:

using Revise
using DataRetrieval


Note that for the DataRetrieval.jl project there are two branches to be aware of. The "main" branch is designed to be the stable and most-used branch, it has documentation here. The "dev" branch is designed for development and prototyping of new or upcoming features. As such, installation from the "dev" branch is not recommended for novice users, but can be useful for developers to work on, propose, or test new functionality or documentation. There is documentation for the "dev" branch available here.